Father's Day

Father's Day

  • 2023-06-18
On this Father's Day,
Tell me about my feelings for my father.

How many years,
Always under your protection,
Like a brook under a tree,
Flow slowly.

You are the fulcrum of my life,
Strong and stable,
Give me endless strength,

Be the light in my heart.
Your back,
Shining with infinite wisdom and warmth,
Guide me the way forward.
Even as the years change,
You are still my solid support,
Rain or shine.

May I do my best,
To repay your kindness of upbringing,
Take good care of your old age,
As if you have cared for me.

I will tell you silently,
I love you!

Never changed.

[Today, I also get a letter from my daughter as follows:]

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