• Summer Solstice
    • 2023-06-21

    Summer Solstice The origin of the summer solstice: The summer solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, usually falling on June 21 or 22 each year. In the lunar calendar, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and is the day of the year with the longest day and the shortest night. Its origin can be traced back to the farming culture of ancient China. ...

  • Father's Day
    • 2023-06-18

    On this Father's Day, Tell me about my feelings for my father. How many years, Always under your protection, Like a brook under a tree, Flow slowly. You are the fulcrum of my life, Strong and stable, Give me endless strength, Be the light in my heart. Your back, Shining with infinite wisdom and warmth, Guide me the way forward. Even as the years change, You are still my solid support, Rain or shin...

  • Chinese New Year's Eve.
    • 2023-01-21

    Chinese New Year's Eve.  Chinese New Year's Eve is the day before the Chinese New Year, and its history dates back 3,500 years. Chinese New Year's Eve, also frequently referred to as Lunar New Year's Eve or the start of the Spring Festival, originated during the Shang Dynasty (1600 – 1046 BC) when sacrificial ceremonies in honor of gods and ancestors at the end of each year were held by the C...

  • Metal Stamping Parts Manufacture in China
    • 2022-12-16

    Metal stamping parts We manufacture high-quality metal stampings individually and customized. Our goals: High output rates and zero defects in the production of our high-quality metal stampings. We design and evaluate our processes with the utmost care to avoid potential errors during manufacturing. Modern stamping technology We use modern hydraulic and eccentric presses in our production. From 25...

  • Manufacturing Metal Stamping
    • 2022-12-10

    Metal stamping is a cold metal working process that involves the use of dies and stamping presses to shape, form, and manufacture complex parts and components. The various metal-stamping processes include blanking, bending, punching, and piercing, producing distinct shapes and configurations. Metal stamping is a fast and cost-effective method for producing large quantities of parts with excellent ...

  • Stamping Process Analysis and Composite Die Design of LED Spot Lamp Holder
    • 2022-12-02

    Stamping Process Analysis and Composite Die Design of LED Spot Lamp Holder According to the structure and size of the LED spot lamp holder and the characteristics of aluminum raw material, the processing technology of its parts is analyzed. To reduce the cost of raw materials, three sets of the die are designed: blanking, deep drawing and punching, side punching slot, and side drilling hole. A rub...

  • Precise Stamping Parts Manufacture
    • 2022-11-23

    Jiaxin Xiamen Precise Metal Co., Ltd., established in the year 1998 and located in Xiamen, China, is a Hong Kong-funded high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, and sales of various electronic product accessories such as hardware stamping, metal stamping parts, and precision die cutting. Our company has more than 7500㎡, including more than 1800 ㎡ of 1000-Grade and 10,000-Grade ...

  • From "Appearance" to "Internality" -- Research on TWS earphone high-precision battery shell
    • 2022-10-15

    The full name of TWS is "True Wireless Stereo" It means true wireless stereo. On August 18, Shanghai Audio Lab, the largest laboratory in Huawei's audio field so far, was opened to the media for the first time. Liu Dongfang, president of Huawei's intelligent accessory product line, gave a deep understanding of Huawei's TWS headset innovation black technology one by one at the media exchange meetin...

  • Introduction to Classification of Stamping Dies
    • 2022-09-17

    Mold is the core of modern industry and one of the important signs to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry. Jiaxin Precision has been processing high-quality products with excellent molds. What are the classification of stamping dies? Come and have a look. 1)、 Classification by process property 1. Blanking die: refers to the die that can separate materials along the closed or op...

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