From "Appearance" to "Internality" -- Research on TWS earphone high-precision battery shell

From "Appearance" to "Internality" -- Research on TWS earphone high-precision battery shell

  • 2022-10-15
The full name of TWS is "True Wireless Stereo"

It means true wireless stereo.

On August 18, Shanghai Audio Lab, the largest laboratory in Huawei's audio field so far, was opened to the media for the first time. Liu Dongfang, president of Huawei's intelligent accessory product line, gave a deep understanding of Huawei's TWS headset innovation black technology one by one at the media exchange meeting.

The appearance design of TWS headset benefits from the wireless characteristics, so it can achieve great convenience whether you wear it or carry it with you.

Since there is no physical connection between the left and right sides of the TWS headset, the manufacturer also specially equipped a portable box that can provide both charging and storage functions to solve the charging problem, making it easier to use

Compared with ordinary Bluetooth earphones, TWS earphones are small in size, have better sound quality, and are also waterproof and intelligent. As the TWS headset battery is a technology intensive product, which is very important for the development of equipment manufacturing, scientific research and other fields, many advanced technologies such as high-precision products have been born and applied to its flagship products. Naturally, the TWS headset battery is also one of the important components.

Interpretation of TWS earphone battery: Due to the small internal space and high integration of earphones, and the need for batteries with high capacity density to support long endurance, the structure has been developed into button type batteries.

For mobile consumer electronic products, battery life is a problem that all products must face. The length of battery life limits the application of various functions of the product, which directly affects the actual use experience of consumers, as does the TWS headset.

There are many factors that affect the endurance experience of TWS earphones, including the limitations of portability and wearing comfort on the volume of TWS earphones, the battery capacity limitation, and the increase of system power consumption caused by rich functions. However, compared with Bluetooth headset, the application of excellent battery of TWS headset has greatly improved the comprehensive endurance of the product.

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