Requirements for bending parts in the processing of metal stamping parts

Requirements for bending parts in the processing of metal stamping parts

  • 2022-03-04
The processing of metal stamping parts is the requirements for bending parts:

1. The shape of bending parts shall be symmetrical as far as possible, and the bending radius shall not be less than the minimum bending radius allowed by the material.

2. The curved edge is too short and difficult to form, so make the straight part of the curved edge H > 2 δ。 If h is required to be very short, appropriate allowance shall be reserved to increase h, and the added metal shall be cut off after bending.

3. When bending the parts with holes, in order to avoid the deformation of the holes Zp8 Shenzhen Hardware stamping parts processing factory

The second is the requirements for deep drawing parts.

4. The shape of metal stamping parts should be simple and symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large. In order to minimize the number of deep drawing and easy to form.

5. The fillet radius of metal stamping parts shall not be increased without adding process procedures. Otherwise, it will increase the number of drawing times and shaping work, and also increase the number of molds, which is easy to produce waste products and increase the cost.

Whether the die used for metal stamping parts adopts elastic unloading plate or fixed unloading plate depends on the unloading force, in which the material thickness is the main consideration. With the increase of the elastic force of the elastic element used in the die (such as the use of rectangular spring), the unloading force of the elastic unloading plate is greatly enhanced. Metal stamping parts are the forming and processing method of the workpiece (stamping parts) with the required shape and size by applying external force to the plate, strip, pipe and profile by the press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. If you want to extend the service life of the stamping parts, you need to maintain them regularly. Before installing the stamping parts, you should strictly check them, remove the dirt, check their lubrication performance, and regularly test the rotary table of the stamping parts! If the punch and die edges of the stamping parts are worn, we should stop using the product immediately, otherwise it will not only protect the wear degree of the cutting edge, but also reduce the service life of the stamping parts. When installing the stamping parts, we should use relatively soft metal tools to operate them to avoid damaging the stamping parts during installation, If we want to ensure the service life of stamping parts, we also need to replace the spring of the die regularly to prevent the elastic free damage from affecting the service life of stamping parts!

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