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  • 2022-07-08
Precision hardware refers to the hardware workpiece with high precision requirements in the metal processing industry. "Precision" refers to the tolerance requirement within 0.05mm, which is widely used in electronics, machinery, aviation, new energy and other industries, and is made by stamping processing.

1)、 What are the common precision hardware

1. Auto parts: mainly including all kinds of auto structural parts, auto relays, new energy power battery accessories, etc.

2. Electronic parts: generally including connector parts, connectors, terminals, shrapnel parts, etc.

3. Household appliance parts: usually contain precision hardware parts of various household appliances, such as color tube, electron gun parts and household appliance parts.

4. Other spare parts: mainly including precision parts of instruments and meters, it spare parts, acoustic and camera accessories, modern office accessories, daily hardware, etc..

2)、 Advantages of precision hardware stamping

1. Stamping processing has high production efficiency, simple operation, not too complex, and is easy to realize mechanization and automation. It is mainly because stamping is completed with the help of stamping dies and stamping machine tools. The number of strokes of ordinary presses can reach dozens of times per minute, and the stroke of high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each stamping stroke may get a stamping part.

2. During metal stamping, because the mold ensures the size and shape accuracy of the processed parts, it is generally not easy to damage the surface quality of the stamping parts, and the service life of the mold is usually long, so the stamping quality is stable, the interchangeability is good, and it has the characteristics of "exactly the same".

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