Terminology related to metal stamping

  • 2021-09-14

Like other industries, metal stamping parts are products after a series of operation processes, which have different titles in different processes, that is, the professional terms we often say. The following is a small compilation of some professional terms related to the stamping process of metal stamping parts.

1. Stretching: a stamping process in which flat blanks or process parts are extruded into hollow parts, or hollow parts are further changed in shape or size.

2. Trimming: use the die to punch and trim the edge of the process to make it meet the required size

3. Punching: a punching process that uses a punch to separate the waste from the raw material or process part along the closed contour to obtain the required holes on the material or process part

4. Flanging: a stamping process that turns into a short side along the contour curve.

5. Hole turning: a stamping process that turns the material into a side vertical flange around the inner hole.

6. Blanking: a stamping process that separates materials along the closed contour. The separated materials become workpieces or process parts, most of which are planar.

7. Shaping: a stamping process that relies on material flow and changes the shape and size of process parts in a small amount to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece

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