• How to solve the burr problem of stamping parts
    • 2022-01-15

    Metal processing plants often encounter burrs in metal stamping parts when producing metal stamping products. There are tools to remove the burr of metal stamping parts: 1. Hole: use a chamfering knife or the front end of a larger diameter drill bit 2. Edge: use file, oilstone, sandpaper, grindstone, 3. Welding slag: vibration slag removal tools can also remove brittle burrs 4. Outer diameter: gui...

  • Sampling inspection method for metal stamping parts
    • 2022-01-04

    Hardware stamping factory has strict inspection standards, which are divided into sampling inspection and all inspection. Sampling inspection, also known as sampling inspection, is a statistical method and theory to randomly select a small number of products (samples) from a batch of products for inspection, so as to judge whether the batch of products are qualified or not. It is different from co...

  • Stamping process operation specification
    • 2021-12-30

    Stamping process and its characteristics stamping is a pressure processing method that uses the die installed on the press to exert pressure on the material at room temperature to produce separation or plastic deformation, so as to obtain the required parts. Stamping is usually cold deformation processing of materials at room temperature, and mainly uses sheet metal to process the required parts, ...

  • Common materials of metal stamping parts
    • 2021-12-18

    At present, the commonly used materials of metal stamping parts are: 1) SECC: galvanized iron sheet 2) Spec: tinned cold rolled sheet 3) Sus: stainless steel series 4) Al: aluminum series 5) Cu: copper series 6) PBR: white copper 7) Spte: Tinplate 8) Al set: lamp cover 9) Al Arg: lamp cover

  • Safety points of hardware mould design
    • 2021-12-10

    In terms of structure, the convenience of feeding, ordering, discharging and waste cleaning shall be ensured as far as possible. For the processing of small parts, it is strictly prohibited for the operator's fingers, wrists or other parts of the body to extend into the mold area for operation; For the processing of large parts, if the operator has to work in the mold by hand, the scope of enterin...

  • Selection of stamping materials
    • 2021-11-27

    Material selection of stamping parts: The three most important steps in a stamping factory are shearing, punching / cutting and folding. Stamping parts are sometimes used as metal pulling. The word comes from English platemetal. Generally, some metal sheets are pressed by hand or die to produce plastic deformation to form the desired shape and size, and more complex parts can be formed by welding ...

  • Metal stamping parts are very important in life
    • 2021-11-18

    Metal stamping parts are widely used in various fields of our life, such as some electronic devices, processing parts, auto parts and so on. Metal stamping parts are very important in life, but what kind of metal stamping parts processing technology is qualified? 1. Under the condition of ensuring normal use, the requirements for dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade shall be as l...

  • Advantages of metal stamping
    • 2021-09-14

    The rapid development of science and technology brings about the improvement of production level. With the rapid development of industry, advanced metal stamping technology has been widely used in our country. Now let's talk about what metal stamping is and its advantages: 1、 What is metal stamping Metal stamping is a processing method of cutting and forming metal plate or coil by using punch and ...

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