• Dimensional tolerance standard for metal stamping parts
    • 2022-07-29

    Metal stamping processing is a commonly used metal processing method in China at present. In the production process of workpiece, due to the comprehensive influence of machining accuracy of machinery and equipment, die wear, machining error and other factors, the size of metal stamping parts produced and processed is difficult to achieve absolute accuracy. Therefore, in order to ensure the availab...

  • Cleaning method of surface stains of metal stamping parts
    • 2022-07-08

    People in the metal stamping industry know that the surface stains of metal stamping parts come from the lubricating oil on the mold, and the mold must be lubricated at the beginning of processing. In this way, the workpiece will inevitably be stained with stains, so the surface stains need to be cleaned before the metal stamping parts are shipped. The principle of removing stains is: saponificati...

  • What are the common precision hardware
    • 2022-07-01

    1. Auto parts: mainly including all kinds of auto structural parts, auto relays, new energy power battery accessories, etc. 2. Electronic parts: generally including connector parts, connectors, terminals, shrapnel parts, etc. 3. Household appliance parts: usually contain precision hardware parts of various household appliances, such as color tube, electron gun parts and household appliance parts. ...

  • Hardware stamping parts monitoring
    • 2022-06-24

    The manufacturing quality of stamping parts has a great impact on the quality of the whole vehicle, especially for cars and all kinds of buses. In the manufacturing of stampings, it depends on whether large stampings, interior trim parts, and welders with complex spatial geometry are rolled, or whether small stampings and interior trim parts are easy to be rolled, more professional inspection fixt...

  • Why do metal stamping parts sometimes need heat treatment
    • 2022-06-17

    At present, with the rapid development of science and technology, the market demands more and more metal stamping workpieces. In order to produce good stamping workpieces, plates generally need heat treatment after stamping. Appropriate heat treatment can significantly improve the mechanical properties of workpieces and prolong the service life of five metal stamping workpieces

  • Do you know how to deal with the crack of the drawing stamping parts?
    • 2022-05-24

    During the production and processing of stretch stamping parts, there will be tension cracks. Do you know why tension cracks occur? How to deal with this situation? When the tensile stress on the cylinder wall exceeds the strength limit of the material during the processing of tensile stamping parts, the product will crack, and the crack usually appears at the cylinder wall slightly above the fill...

  • What are the differences between sheet metal processing and machining?
    • 2022-04-15

    Usually, sheet metal is the material for the plate type, which is generally made into the specified shape and operated by the plate shearing machine or bending machine, while the machining is more complex. The material is massive, not simply bent and deformed, but cut, etc. the equipment generally uses lathes, grinding machines, etc

  • Surface treatment of metal stamping parts
    • 2022-04-08

    Why is the surface quality of metal stamping parts poor? There are many reasons for the surface quality problems of stamping parts. For example, the surface quality of coil, sheet and die will affect the quality of stamping parts. The operation in the stamping process and the clamping, taking and unloading of station instruments may also damage the surface quality of stamping parts. Therefore, the...

  • Design rules of metal stamping parts
    • 2022-03-26

    The design of metal stamping parts shall comply with the following rules: 1.The design of metal stamping parts must be simple in appearance and fair in structure, so as to simplify the die structure and the number of processes simplified by Guangdong metal stamping plant and Guangdong steel pipe plant, that is, complete the processing of the whole parts with the least and simplest stamping process...

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